Well I got into PC gaming after I got a laptop and the one I have is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD with up to 1754 MB DVMT. What I want to know now is what graphics card would that be equivalent to? It has 1754 DVMT which I think is the same as VRAM, but I don't really know much on the topic.

The intel site offers no help to me on the subject.
The computer however can play most games on a medium level.

we need a bit more information there should be a specific chipset listed.

Regardless, it is an integrated graphics card that would come out to a very basic performance level for gaming. If you try to run games like Modernwarfare 2, even on their lowest settings, the game will black out and crash.

For a similar dedicated graphics card, your looking at an ati 4200 being a slight step up from the intel gma. I cant give you to much more information since I dont know what cpu it was paired with but assuming an i3 processor, you would have a 500 mHz clock on 12 pipelines.

for the i3 version, call of duty modern warfare on the lowest possible settings clocked in at an average of 26 fps when not in heavy combat and 16 fps in combat, resulting in a non playable game. Also documented blackouts and crashes while playing.

you should be able to play games like World of Warcraft on medium settings, and Half Life 2 based games on lower settings smoothly.

Well i can play Modern warfare 2 on it. it lags the same on every setting though but i think its the game, cause it does that on evry system i use it on.
I have an i3 330 cpu, but i dont know the graphics chipset.

Its lagging because you dont have the hardware to run it properly, you may be lucky and have some higher clocked ram so you can barely run it. I personally wouldnt recommend playing higher end games because your over taxing your computer and will start noticing blackouts.

But the thing is, it gives the same amount of lag on every system, and on every setting. Wouldn't it lag more on the higher setting than on the lowest setting?

thats strange, i cant explain it. I have no lag whatsoever and neither do my friends so i dont think its the game, you may have a similar choke point on all the different systems or something... i realy cant explain it.

Could you post your complete system specs?

Well I don't know a lot.

window 7 home premium 64 bit
core i3 m330 @ 2.13GHz
4 GB ram
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD

post the model number of the computer, ie dell xps whatever or inspiron 1564 or something, i can find it from that

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit version;
Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor (3MB Intel® Smart Cache, 2.13GHz);
4GB (2/2) DDR3 1066 SDRAM;
320GB hard drive;
integrated Super-Multi drive;
5-in-1 card reader;
Acer® CineCrystal 15.6" (1366 x 768) TFT display;
Intel® HD Graphics;
802.11b/g/n WLAN,
gigabit LAN,
V.92 modem,

Cant explain why it runs the same way on different settings, but hey if it works right?

all in all, not a bad piece of hardware.

Yes thats it. It is good, except the graphics. Plus it doesnt have an expansion port for an external card. Unless you know of another way?

i guess that was an optional item that yours did not come with. If you want one you can get a usb connector that is a card reader. I got one a few years ago for like 10 bucks. not the fastest but it works.

Well i meant an expansion port for an external graphic card, not memory card like things cause I have that

the only thing you could do would be get an external graphics card but im not sure how good these are in terms of gaming.

Your computer was designed not to have an internal graphics card so you dont have the space to put one in. you would also run into heat and power issues.

So I should get another computer then, or can i get another computer and transfer the parts.

if you were looking for something that had future expandability you should build your own desktop.

Laptops are not expandable beyond hard drive and ram. the rest of the computer is built to dissipate a certain amount of heat and changing those parts will mess with that and you will just burn out your computer. Also you dont have enough power to power many new parts or even the space.

Consider the parts in the laptop you have nontransferable unless its to the exact same computer.

as to getting a new computer, thats entirely up to you. I personally always have a light, mid range laptop, and a powerful desktop. Just makes my life easier and i still save money over a gaming laptop.

That's Weird because i have an Acer Aspire 5740-6378 with an i5 core 4G of ram and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD with up to 1754 MB DVMT and i play Modern warfare on pretty high settings and it plays well with barely any lag at all, in fact i'm pretty impressed with the graphics and it has never crashed