Hey guys,

I'm finding I need to upgrade my RAM soon, I've currently got 2 512mb modules and 4 slots to fill up, each can take 1gb, and pentium 4 with ht. However I've had difficulty identifying what I need to get, I've used the Crucial System Scan and it told me I needed DDR, PC3200 and DIMM module (here). To be honest I dont know a lot about what I need, or what I could use.

I also used CPU-Z and I've taken a few screenshots of what it has said;
Cache Tab

After checking that out, It said that my RAM was 200mhz, so I was wondering if I could use something with 400mhz like this? It also said it was unbuffered, what does this mean and could I use a module which is buffered? Also would I notice the difference with a 400mhz module, assuming it will fit.

Another thing which I have realised after researching the motherboard on intel, it said the computer could take DDR2 modules, but I thought that DDR2 was a different size to DDR, so how can it take DDR2?

I would really appreciate it if someone could explain this and point me in the right direction.



oh, also could I use an SDRAM module?

DDR, PC3200, will show as 200 in cpu-z, ddr stands for double data rate ,pc3200 ram is rate 4oo,
200x2= 400
you can use the ram shown on the wepsite you linked ,
and no you cant use SDRAM ., you need to use DDR-SDRAM

Im, almost 100% sure my comments are correct .if not, ram is almost always backward compatible and will work anyway .
no you should not mix unbuffered with buffered

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