I experienced a paper jam which I corrected. After cleaning up the mess I decided to clean the print heads. I do not use the printer's cleaning cycle because it uses too much precious ink. I remove the ink cartridges and clean the heads with a solution that is supposed to be made specifically for Epson printers. I have done this dozens of times with excellent results. However, this time after I reinstalled the ink cartridges and fired up the printer, it went through all the motions of printing, but produced nothing but blank pages. There was no indication of a problem. The printer indicated that I had sufficient ink and that all was well. I uninstalled the printer software and then reinstalled it. Same result. Blank pages.

Any help with this mystery will be most gratefully appreciated.

Christopher R. Mohr Sr.

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Are the cartridges fully seated down?
Have you tried with new cartridges (that would confirm if it was a cartridge problem) as sometimes the very very small jets can get blocked and if a solution dries on them it can be very difficult to remove the blockage!
Finally some epson printers have an electronic chip in the print head that detects if everything is ok but those chips do not always send messages when the error is one it does not know. it could be that if yours has a chip like this it is the chip that is awol and that also can be checked with new cartridge!

It seems to me to bhe unlikely that ther eis an electric fault such as cables but have you done a test print page (either from the computer or better many printers have a start up routine that you can hold down a button to force it to print a test page. if that gives blanks seems cartridge problem.


Have you checked the inkjet cartridges for your printers. It is better to also check the placement of your Epson inkjet cartridges as well. Confirm the presence of ink in the cartridge and if no ink is present than you can buy new Epson Inkjet Cartridges or Remanufactured Epson Inkjet Cartridges at cheaper rates and same good quality as original.

Remove the ink cartridges and clean the heads with the solution that is upposed to be made specifically for Epson.
Do not go for cleaning cycle.
After this process,i am sure your problem will be solved.