I'm wanting to use a laptop in my boat with charting software and would like to detach the monitor, mount it on the dash and have the laptop running below the dash and out of the way. Any ideas on this?

Thats generally impossible as laptops tend to use power and video cables specific to thier model/range. If you could somehow extend these cables you would have a big task as you would ned to make a housing to hold the backlight and screen together. It would maybe be easier to buy a cheap 17" TFT and link it to the laptop. NOT ALL LAPTOPS SUPPORT THIS BUT MOST DO.

It's possible to do this, even with a laptop's video cables -- just cut it and splice in more wire for both ends -- but it would probably be less of a hassle for you to go with jbennet's suggestion.

The cables that are used to connect the monitor screen and the motherboard are of a very specific impedance and changing this could lead to loss or degradation of signal.

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