Hi. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I just couldn't figure out where else to post it.

Recently, my computer exploded. Well, not literally, but it was older than dirt and finally gave out.

However, I have a pretty new DVD drive in it. I was wondering if there was anyway to hook my DVD drive up to my laptop? I'm sorta broke right now, so buying a new DVD Drive is out of the question. Does anyone know how to hook the two bits up? Have you seen a good website about this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I will move this post to the Storage area where it might have better service.

As for using your DVD drive... it is mounted internally, meaning that it is either SCSI, IDE, or perhaps FireWire. Guessing it is IDE.

If so, you may be able to get an external case that has USB / Firewire on one side of it (external), and has the logics inside to get them to work.

For example, my external SCSI case has SCSI on the outside, and SCSI on the inside. I can take any internal SCSI device, and install it into the box, and have it work properly.

We can start, once you let us know what kind of device you have.


It is an older HP model and it is IDE. Is there anyway to plug it up to the laptop without purchasing a case? And thanks for moving it where it needs to be.

ebay has usb2.0 to ide cables for about $20.00

u cant put that dirve into the laptop directly but u can have some external devices so that ur drive can work with your laptop externally

You could just buy a cross over cable network the two computers and then any files on the laptop you want to burn copy them to ur main pc at 100mbs and then just burn them to disk. You can get a cross over cable for about £5 and network will take you about 10 mins. Just make sure you buy a cross over cable, not just a normal one as it will blow both network card up otherwise. If they do not have a network card mot laptops have them built in then u can get usb ones for about £29 and internal for about £10.

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