Ok, Can someone please answer this following question, only answer it if your sure of the answer.

What would be a better CPU for great gaming with 1GB of ram?
A Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ HT
AMD 64 3200+

Everywhere I go says different things about them. I need to know which is best for great to perfect game play
I know that a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition and a AMD FX are some if not the best CPUs out there but I cant spend $700 or $900 on a CPU
so out of the P4 and AMD 64 which is better?
Remember I also have 1GB of RAM and a 9600XT.
If the 9800XT gets cheaper Ill probaly buy that one but bor now Im sticking with the 9600XT.

Honsestly, you're betting off waiting until the FX comes down in price, or you just go with a normal Athlon-64, but the socket 940 will be defunct in well less than a year as it's basically a stopgap for people that like upgrading.

If you're buying components right now, I'd get a P4 2.8HT with a solid motherboard (Abit or Asus based, even an 865 based Intel board would be fine) and you'd be set.