I recently plugged in a Hard drive on an open port on one of my IDE cables to check it for a friend. It named the hard drive "G" I already had a hard drive named "G" so it messed up all my HDD drive names. When i uninstalled my friends drive and went back to my original config one of my 7 HDD's was missing in "My Computer" and in "Disk Management" However the drive DOES show up in the device manager - it shows up as a SCSI DEVICE all other drives show up as they should IE: Maxtor 4 G160J8 SCSI Disk Device etc... for all other 6 drives. How do i get this drive to show back up in Windows. I have tried everything "Update driver" "Disable - Enable" the only option i have not tried is uninstall because i am afraid if i do that it will never see it again. I need the data in this drive. Is their anything i can do? I am running XP SP2 w/ ATA 133 IDE Promise card, ASUS P4PE board. I know its old, I am going to replace everything this week i just want that drive back before i do. THANK YOU to any one that can help me.

Does disk management show a ntfs partition as healthy? right click the partition and assign it a drive letter