Was in the middle of installing Windows 7 on a pc. Power outage and 1 hours later when electricity came back everything looked fine. windows even finished installing and i typed i my username/password for new account and then switched to my other desktop because i had stuff to do. i go back to the machine and the screen was frozen. I restarted it but nothing happened after that.
Opened the case . fans run fine .
did some trouble shooting and found out that.
1. When i press the power button fans SPIN REALLY fast for 2 sec, slow down then speed up and stay normal. Both CPU and Side Panel fan
2. the hard drive keeps emiting a long annoying beep , not load at all and its really long.
3. Tried to post without hard drive or cd drive nothing happened.
4. Reseated CPU, ram , everything else still nothing.
oh and during all those trial NOTHING showed up on the lcd monitor.
I know the monitor works because i tested it.

Hmm I had this problem a month ago. For me My board was gone.

PLease remove ram and boot.

No beeps what so ever indicates a board problem

multiple Beeps indicate the board is fine.
Then Proceed to the following
Remove all pci cards, USBs, hard drives and what not.
Leave only memory and Processor (Remove the VGA card as well)

if it works you will hear one single beep.

That means your Motherboard and processor and RAM is fine. Then you will proceed to adding the VGA card and booting to see if the VGA card works.

Then add Harddrive to see if the harddrive works,

Then add your peripherals one by one and booting testing everything.

When the single beep doesn't come you have found the problem.

Got multiple Beeps with no RAM
No VGA ( integrated )
booted with no PCI or anything else,
still no result on montior.

did you get the single beep with nothing in?

I suspect the problem is with your Power Supply. You could try swapping it with the one from your Desktop computer.
The power supply may have been damaged during the power outage.

PCResolver's point is valid, that is also possible. but I doubt the mobo would Cry no ram in that case. Never tested it.

Continuous beeps with no RAM inside. Will try power supply soon, i don't wanna try with my video-card cause im afraid it will fry it or something if somehow just the north-bridge was burned in the mobo.

with only memory and Processor

do you hear one single beep about 5 secs after boot?