I purchased a hitachi 1TB HD and installed. i followed these instructions I found on Dell forums. The one thing I noticed is the HD has no jumper to set. Secondly, the computer recognized a new drive installed. I just cannot format it. I find no drive in my computer.

Connecting up an new HD in an Inspiron is easy. You will need an SATA data cable, you will have two empty SATA connectors on your mobo, the power cable is already there. After you put the drive in, press F2 at the Dell boot screen, scroll down to your drive, hit enter to enable it, save changes and bootup. After you bootup Press Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, Right click on Drive, Select format,(this is where i get stuck) After format select drive letter. PS The latest BIOS is 1.0.15 for the Inspiron.

I right click to format on the empty drive name and only option I get his HELP

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I am the only logged user. Check status on users and I am listed as admin. Using windows xp pro. I assume this new computer can handle 1TB


Rt-click on the rectangular space next to the drive name to get the format option. It probably shows as "unallocated".
You can also format from the command line.

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