My laptop hasnt been working for the last 6months and ive finally decided to try and fix it.

The laptop will turn on and the light is green to show its on, but the screen just stays blank?

The laptop is ACER aspire 3690.


If nothing at all shows on the screen on bootup then your system can not read the BIOS chip in your computer, which then the problem is not software and could be anything from a motherboard/cpu/ram/gpu failure. You will need to send it back to the company for repairs or junk it for parts.

have you tried to hook up an external monitor to check if you can get a display? if you hooked up and still no display, then as tbone2sk suggested it could be your mobo :)

Just a note but nothing that will really solve your problem.

Laptops screens can be damaged if they are knocked severely, hot cups of coffee put on them (the laptop coaster), or if the laptop has been dropped. Also, when you pack it into the case, placing the cable power cord on top of the screen casing can damage the screen.

If you are not even getting to POST then the laptop has possible a damaged mainboard. If it is just the screen, you can get a replacement screen. Laptop screens can be replaced but it is not cheap.

If you don't want to pay for a new screen, and it does show desktop on an external monitor or TV then you are good to go till you can afford a new laptop or monitor.