Hai Friends,
i have a problem with my keyboard.

Right side ie, numslock side of my keyboard is not working

it gives a beep sound...when i press numslock...

remaining part works well...so plz help me on this issue


Live and Let Live

A better place to ask this question would be in the Hardware->Peripherals forum.

I think mods should have the option to move topics to a place they're more appropriate :)

We do, but only in the forums that we have mod powers. For example, I could move a Java question from the C and C++ forum to the Java forum, but I couldn't move a PHP question from the Java forum to the PHP forum because I only have powers under the Software Development category.

try another keyboard.

hey this is easy...is only the cable you can move and test ok

What model of ur keyboard is that? Check the driver again. :)

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