PEN DRIVE - ultimate value for money

Respected advanced super ultimate techies,



Purchase of a Pen Drive of 1 GB in India


Rs 4000-5000 (a bit flexible if getting value for money) equivalent to USD 80 to 100 $


a. Company should be best in class (I have heard the name of kingston; transcend; zion etc but i want real best).

b. To give an example; it should be as like we go for APC for UPS; Antec for SMPS; Intel for processor; google for search; HP for printer...a real best company's pen drive.

c. It should minimum be of 1 GB size.

d. Maximum possible warranty period.


Not sure but is it possible to get something like 2 GB or 5 GB pen drive within Rs. 5000-6000 ($100 to $120) range in India....????????


why did i address the question to super duper techies and not to dear forum members in general...bcz i personally believe only a super ultimate crazy geek (who loves eats dreams technology) would be using pen drive that costly...


ALso if any one would like to share, comment, add, suggest, advice; u r more than welcome and its more than appreciated...

Thanks friends

cheers sunando

sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com

p.s. anxioulsy waiting for the to everyone....cheers