I recieved a free Intel 40gb SSD HDD from NewEgg as part of a purchase deal and since I didnt need it in my system I decided to use it as an external portable HDD so I purchased a Rosewill 2.5" SATA to USB External Enclosure (RX81U-ES-25A). I popped the HDD into the enclosure and via USB I plugged it into my Windows 7 machine. Now Win 7 seemed to instantly and successfully recognize and install the necessary drivers but I do not see access to the drive on my Win 7 system at all. Under my computer I only show my Primary HDD (C:) and my Blu-Ray. The enclosure indicates its getting power from the USB and it did recognize it when plugged in....but since I am fairly new to Win 7 was wondering if the access to the drive would be located somewhere else within the OS or maybe someone out there can help me figure out why I am unable to find and access the drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am positive that my computer set it up correctly cause I can see it and all its info under my device manager right above my primary C:. I just cannot find the icon to open it and copy or delete files off it in Win 7.

right click on you hdd icon and click manage, go to disk management and see if its listed there anywhere ,if it is right click on it there ' it may just need to be formatted

Sweet. Thx a ton. Was able to locate the disk management portion of Win 7 and format/assign a drive path and that did the trick. Now it shows up next to my primary HDD like its supposed to. Your help is much appreciated.