Recently I have noticed that my monitor's brightness increases for a sec or two and then returns to normal set brightness. This happens very frequently and can occur any time.what could be wrong??

Hi prakharprakash,
Some of the possible causes..
> Monitor going bad
> Bad cable connections/cable
> video card going bad
> onboard video circuit on motherboard going bad
You can use the troubleshooting charts at my website to help you sort it all out.
Post back here with the results OR if you need more help.
Good Luck :)

How do i recognise a failing monitor and cards associated with display ??? Everything seems all right with the cables and all connections are secured.

Hi again prakharprakash,
Did you check out the flowcharts at my website ?

I have a flicker problem as well. It began probably about a month ago. The top and bottom of my screen would "cave in" just slightly for a couple of seconds. As if it was trying to go widescreen on me, but would revert back. Well the problem has progressed and now it the top and bottom squeeze up a black blank bar to about 1/5 the screen. It is the same on top and bottom. WHen it squeezes the screen the whole thing doesn't distort but just the image where it borders the black bar. I have tried the degauss and I went through your chart but I think I ended up at the technician part on page 2. But some useful info...if I tap the side of the monitor it flickers and goes back to normal for a few seconds. What could this be?

Hi tuckner,
See the previous post june 23rd (above)..it also applys to your problem.
Check out the flow charts on my website..they will answer your question(s) & help you sort out the problem.
Post back here with your results & or if you need more help.

Yes I used your chart and ended up at the technician on page 2. I have the fuzzy crackling sound when i turn it on and the "dong". The chart is only so helpful.

Hi ,
The REASON you

ended up at the technician on page 2.

Hope this is clear

gee, thanks. since you made yourself out to be knowledgable on computers I thought maybe you could elaborate. Is it something that the technician WILL fix or MAYBE or what? I would rather not waste my time otherwise and just get a new one. The thing is only 2 years old.


Is it something that the technician WILL fix or MAYBE or what?

There's NO WAY to tell. Some monitors have internal settings (ie. controls) that can go out of wack when they are moved or bumped..etc. That's NOT something you can fix or even find yourself on the inside.
If that's all it is AND your monitor has adjustable controls ..it should only take 15 min. or so for a qualified technician to fix it.
If your monitor doesn't have internal controls..then..
your better off getting a new one.

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