Hi All,
I have a Hp pavillion 2500 laptop i just cleared the heat sink as it was shutting again and again bcs of heat but now after reassmebly it is not detecting my hard drive and this is a big problem i have gone to two technicians and they told me diff things one said that his computer is showing the hdd the other one says its not and it might be bad sectors that could be recovered i just want to know what went wrong as even the led light is not blinking for hdd,i have already bought a new hdd to test,hitachi travelstar but even that didnt detect if somebody could point me in the right directon iwould greatly appreciate

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Either you've messed up the disk controller or the disk itself. Have you tried another HDD?

yes i have and it does not get detected how can i fix the disk controller

Is this a SATA hard drive? or IDE...

Also Windows XP?

I ask because sometimes older install disks of XP will not include necessary SATA drivers and therefore not recognize the hard drive. I fixed this once with a bios tweak...i had to say autodetect on some hard drive detection, i beleive. I also remember reading that some in this case needed to load a driver via USB drive. Some others make slipstream disks with the necessary drivers in it.


This is all if it is Win XP of course.