I have a Sony Vaio vgc-LS35E all in one desktop pc. It seems to be an awesome computer for everything but what i like to do which is play Battlefield 2142. When I bought this computer from my friend I thought for sure that it would have a video card capable of playing Battlefield but when i got the computer home and loaded the game that was'nt the case. Is there a way to upgrade this integrated video card or possibly an external video card? I went to staples, best buy, and office max and all of them said there was nothing I could do to upgrade. I hope thats not the case. Can someone help?

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If the case is meant to be opened, you first have to check for expansion slots. Any decent graphics card uses PCI-E 16x. They ar Then, you have to buy the card, and make sure there is enough room for a new card(most cards are about 7-9" long), and you have the necessary power supply connectors(most good cards use a 1-2 6-pin connectors, some use 8-pin).
If all of this works out,you should be able to use a new video card.

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