Hi Guys, first time here so be gentle with me please.. i have a pc that won't boot past the windows logo, it restarts itself when it gets to that point. it just keeps restarting and restarting. i tried to boot of a windows installation disk and it wouldn't do it, but what i noticed is that when i tried to boot again, this time leaving the cdrom connected and disconnecting the hardrive power cord but leaving the ide cable connected it did boot. it went up to the part where it ask you to boot from a certain os system, a blue screen it said something about no partiton, i don't remember exactly .the problem is that the hardrive wasn't listed, I'm assuming it was because i purposely left the hardrive power disconnected. The hdd does show up in the bios when it's plugged in correctly. Again the pc won't attempt to boot unless i leave no power to the hdd and just leave power to the cdrom. could this be a power supply issue. i checked the molex connectors while it tried to boot the cdrom and the readings were correct according to the multimeter. It seems that the ps should have been able to run the cd and hdd at the same time. Any help would be appreciated.

windows xp, amd