My laptop is VGN-CS17G .
It automatically shuts down as soon as i switch it on. I am not able to view its first screen.
It just shows the safe mode option screen.

Can you get into safe mode at all?

If you can then please Read this:

and post it here:

if you can't get into Safe mode or Normal Windows, your PC maybe overheating.

This can happen with two things.

The Battery has gone bad and is sending more volts than is supposed to. Solution Change/Repair Battery or you could DIY:

The Other Problem could be your Fan is clogged with Dust and Hair and what not, You can try and clean it from the Side Vents or you can open it up and free the Fan.

Before you open the Laptop try and see is it overheating, and try and hear if the fan is spinning.

Let me know what you find.

Regards :)

can any one guide me how to open the back of my viao VGN-CS17G to clean the fan as opening up a viao is pretty difficult and it is better to be sure of the steps before hand. thanks a lott in advance for the help and the advice.

Fist of all, is your laptop getting hot, can you hear the fan? Did you try to clean it from the vents?

If is it heating up try and Use a Vacuum cleaner or goto any computer or hardware store and a compressed Air Duster. You may find good results if you combine both.

If you don't notice any difference it may not be the fan. if you still wish to venture on and open up our laptop, understand it will be at your own risk.

Please look at this:

You fill find the fan on the second step, you are lucky the fan is accessible without too much work.

yes it worked as i successfully opened my laptop and cleaned my fan.
on opening i found that the fan was pretty hard to move but i was not able to find any sort of dust. i sprayed phillips dust remover and tried to rotate it by my hand. after some time i found it to be looser and it was moving much easily. well the temp is stable at 42c and 40c of two cores and on high usage as games an movies and hd movies the temp rises to 45c and 42c.please comment if any thing more can be done to improve this. thanks in advance.

45 under load is is amazing, I would be happy to achive such numbers.

My new Toshiba runs at 60 under load.

45 is good don't worry.

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i have a good news for people with troubled vaoi laptops. Please read following announcements on vaio website.

Notice of warranty extension for VAIO Notebook Computer - VGN-CS series and VGN-BZ series - Updated on 20th April 2010

Dear Valued Sony VAIO customers,
The notice of warranty extension for VAIO Notebook Computer - VGN-CS series and VGN-BZ series was announced last September 10, 2009. As a result of continuous analysis with the part supplier and monitoring of the market since the announcement, it turned out that some models of VAIO listed in the previous announcement may make a continuous noise while their cooling fans are revolving and same symptom may occur after the 2-year free repair period offered in the previous announcement. Therefore, Sony will offer an extension of free repair service until further notice.
In addition, please click here to check for the models not covered in the previous announcement which may exhibit the same symptom.


Dear Valued Sony VAIO customers,

It has transpired that some VGN-CS series and VGN-BZ series VAIO notebook computers exhibit some uncharacteristic fan noise.

Affected VAIO notebook computers may exhibit the following symptom:
- Cooling fan starts to make an unusual noise

Please click here to check the affected model list.

For affected models highlighted in this notice, Sony will offer a free repair service for two years starting from the purchase date.

Please contact the nearest Sony Service Center if your VAIO notebook computer exhibits the above-mentioned symptom.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Your understanding and cooperation on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

(Privacy policy)

Personal information, such as your name, mailing address and/or telephone number, provided to the Sony service centre shall be kept and used by Sony only for responding to your inquiries related to this announcement, the free repair service mentioned in this announcement and other related services. In certain cases, your personal information may be given to third-party companies to whom Sony has consigned certain elements of such service. In this event, Sony will ensure that such third-party companies abide by the same strict guidelines with regard to the use, storage and disposal of your personal information.

*Please contact your local Sony service centre if you wish to inquire, modify, erase or suspend use of your personal information provided in connection with this announcement. (Please be advised that in the case of erasing or suspending use of your personal information, Sony might not be able to provide appropriate services in accordance with the purpose of usage mentioned above.)

Interesting, So I assume your fan works now but there was still some noise?

Hey Lucky/unlucky you :p

Lucky for the Warranty Extension - Unlucky for the Fan problems on this model.