Hello, my hard drive has a really weird problem:
When i turn on my computer normally the hard drive will make mechanical clicking sounds, as if the "reader head" was hitting something over and over again. Then a few seconds later the sound will stop, but my pc wont find the HD and i cant use it.

However!, if i plug out the Sata cable before i start the pc, and then 5-10 seconds after i press the start button plug the cable back in the HD it will run like normal.

It has been like this since i got it, but since i somehow figured it out i installed windows and all my stuff on it, because i could not be arsed waiting a week for a new one.

Anyone got any idea of what it could be? Its kinda strange.:P

Oh, and this is the version:

I am aware that the hd is whats causing it, i wanted to know if anyone knew why.

clicking in th hard disk is usually a sign that it is hitting the 'end stops' after the head has traversed the disk. it sounds to me as if the bios is not detecting autmaticvally the correct type of hard disk and is reporting the wrong number of cylinders / heads and consequently forcing the head to reach the end stops. Check in the bios that is is detecting the right type of disk as the boot disk and if not then you may have to enter the data for your type of hard disk manually in the bios.

I tried to tweak different settings but nothing helped. I will just use this crappy disc until it explodes and then get myself a SSD disc along with a much more silent mechanical one for multimedia(this one feels like a tractor). I have it lying outside my cabinet ontop of a dvd box and then i have socks under the box to get rid of some vibration.:P