I'm after a digital camera. I need a) a high resolution (12MP minimum) as I do a lot of cropping and b) it needs to be rugged, reliable and likely to last a while. I'm looking into this - http://ubuyhardware.com/p~p-1848567000~b-402~Olympus-Stylus-Tough-8010-14-Megapixel-Digital-Camera---Silver.aspx - do you guys think it'd be appropriate? Any suggestions of an alternative?

Thanks in advance!

I personally would go for Sony or even better, Canon. These cammera's are used a lot by professionals. We have a (quite old, 3-4 years) canon power shot with only 6MP, but the pictures still look awesome, especially low-light shots. IT also has a really good lens with 12x optical zoom, which was quite alot when we bought it, for a digital camera. If you want really good image quality, then I would recommend you buy a canon. They are just superb! Just check their website, or ask here if you want to find out something.

When you are buying a camera, you should buy one with the most optical zoom as possible. Digital zoom is useless. Optical zoom moves the lenses inside, but digital zoom just makes the pixels bigger, distorting the picture.

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