I have a p 3 IBM and it will do nouthing. I was wonderig if it could be the mother board. when i turn it on nouthing , no beeps, no lighttts , no fans, no noise.the mother board in it now is ,ASM P/N 00n5242. does anyone know where i can get another motherboard ?
thank you

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You need to do some more troubleshooting before you pop in another motherboard..

It could easily be your power supply...

There is a good tutorial in the hardware section about pulling all the cards and testing the basics...

Start there, then come back and post what you find.

I sawped the power supply unit wht the same kind , and pulled all the cards except the video. also bought and replaced the battery, have not reset the CMOS because i do not know how. Thank you for your help. I am gusing it is the motherboaard.

You can reset the CMOS by pulling the battery for a few minutes or an hour... then putting it back in..

You might also have a burned out cpu...

No it is not the cpu as i put in another cpu from another puter. still nadas happens.
thank you

I already changed power supply, video card,and CPu, and still nouthing happens. If the CPU was bruned out it should still turn on the fans and lights if i pull the CPU out should it not ?
thank you

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