Hey I really need some help..

well I just put in a new Power Supply and now my monitor doenst turn on.. it was working perfectly fine until I put in the new Power Supply. Everything goes on.. the fans in the tower but the monitor's light stays orange and doenst turn green its just a black screen..can someone please help me.. it has been like this for about 3 weeks

Your monitor should not be effected by your power supply in the least bit...

The only thing I can think is that A) your video card doesn't have enough power to work, or B) you shorted something during the instalation of the new ps unit...

can you hear beeps/sounds when you turn on your pc?

heres a simple troubleshooting:
short beep - your pc is OK
1 long beep and 3 short beep - your video card is not detected or there some problems with your video card
long beep in an endless loop - your memory is not detected, maybe damaged.

this is a common problem i encountered in my office.

one of the possibilities is that the connection from your monitor to your video card is loosen or not properly connected. and the other is, maybe the cause is from your video card. try to check.

thanks. :)

I just tried turning it on and the only sound I hear is the monitor and its plugged into the card fine but the monitor still doenst go on

ok... kindly recheck your monitor to videocard connection. and try to recheck your videocard if it correctly placed on the AGP socket.

The problem is obviously in your PC system case. When you've changed the power supply unit you've obviously not connected everything up correctly, or perhaps knocked some connection(s) loose and now the PC is not able to start. You'll need to recheck all internal connections.

ok thanks ill check

i checked and i dont see any wires that arnt hooked up.. maybe a few that arnt but i dont think they go anywhere.. maybe im wrong but if they do i dont know where they would go