Over the past 2 months my HC Pavillion 533W has developed a mouse pointer icon that regularly has the hourglass icon appear next to the pointer. This happens every 5-10 seconds, the hourglass goes away with no apparent harm. Is doom on the horizon? How did this ghost get in the machine and is it anything to worry about?

Thanks, in advance.


I would run hijack to see what process is running or possibly trying to get out of your computer and onto the internet.

It is a software problem...

Possibly spyware or adware... or worse...

I use spybot and ad-aware to check for those...

Zone alarm is good at telling you when a program is trying to get internet access.. and blocking it..

I have webroot, spybot and spyblaster- gotten rid of some hijackers but still have the winking mouse. Next move??

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