When I try to open Guild Wars, Warcraft, or Starcraft the screen is always filled with these strange blue lines. Sometimes they revert back to normal, but after about 30 seconds the screen has the blue lines again. I've tried updating my driver, but I've no luck. So if anyone has a solution please post it in this topic... I'm really frustrated with this problem.


EDIT: This problem is on a laptop and I have a MOBILITY RADEON 9000. I hope this information helps.

does anyone have any thoughts of what could fix this problem? I've also tried uninstalling my video card driver and such, but it still didn't fix the problem. :sad:

Perhaps you could check the video options for the games and check that they are not setting display resolution and screen refresh rate which is beyond the native settings for your laptop's display screen.

oh I forgot to mention I used to be able to play all these games perfectly without lag/video problems at all. However, one day it just started acting up, and I didn't change anything to the settings of my computer or the game.

Oh and I was wondering if the fan on my laptop doesn't work or is filled with dust would it effect anything to my monitor or video card?

Oh and I just testing something out: When I went to Desktop->Properties->settings and changed the color to 16 bit instead of 32 bit then all the blue lines seem to spread appart. They are still there though, so I still have the problem. I hope this helps.

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