For some reason my computer got REALLY slow. REALLY SLOW! So I thought ahead and backed up my current files and then turned off the computer so that it wouldn't crash while I was at work. I came home and turned it on only to see "Disk Read Error" with no floppy in the drive. Then I threw in my winXP disk and i went through the setup and win couldn't recognize the partition that was already there. My computer got fried by a bad PSU but everything ran fine for so long. I have a new PSU in and it's still REALLY slow with a fresh install of windows on a new/clean partition. Is there any diagnostics I can use to test my Hard drives (I'm running Raid-0)? Anyone think it's my RAM that toasted? I know my 3.3v was almost at 4v which I heard was used by the RAM, but the corrupted hard drive(s) leads me away from them being the problem!
I have two Maxtor 30Gb 7200rpm HDs and 512MB RAM. The raid was still intact even though the partition was lost by the way. Also the computer was in use when it got REALLY SLOW. I mean a good minute just to open up Explorer and even longer to load MS Word. So it was running fine and then I had NOTHING.

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The cause...
It was actualy my hard drive giving out after getting burned by a bad PSU weeks earlier. I guess she just gave up one day. Took my hours of testing to figure it out though. Had to test cables, RAID Controller card, etc...

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