Hi all any advise would be appreciated, I upgraded my Gateway 524GB Desktop some time ago with a PNY Nvidia GeForce 7400GS 128MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card for better performance. But it appears knackered so I'm getting a new one, the problem is I can't use the in-built graphics in the meantime any ideas.:?:

When you say "it appears knackered", what exactly do you mean? Does it no longer work or does it malfunction?
Did you upgrade your power supply when you fitted that card? It's a fairly power hungry card and the standard Gateway power supply is only just powerful enough to power the machine without any upgrades.

Power supply has been replaced RAM has been checked AOK, started getting chequered boxes on screen, next after a while it started freezing. Now I get black screen full of zeros, on checking various forums problem is pointing at the graphics card.

Sounds like it has had it from that description. What make and wattage is the replacement power supply?

Try resetting the cmos by removing the CR2032 battery for a few minutes with the power unplugged. You will have to re-set the clock and the boot order but it should get the built-in graphics working.

Try enabling the onboard one in the BIOS, but remove the faulty one as some Boards will disable the onboard one, when you add, an addon one.

Please provide the model number of the PC, not just, it's a Gateway.

Sorry Bal should've said it's a Gateway 524GB, anyway decided to splash out on the new Graphics card cooking with gas again. Thanks for the advise I'll keep it in mind in the event things go pear shape again.

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