Need help, power was turned off while computer was in use. will not restart. Says keyboard failure / invalid config./run set up.. computer only has usb plugs (no ps2), cannot enterset up/bios/or anything. Replaced mohterboard 2x with dell refurbished ones. changed power supplys 2x..Tried to reset to factory defaults /no luck. Machine has no add on cards installed . Spent 2 /4hr phone calls with "Dell". machine is out of warranty . no lots of forums and seems like this is a big problem? I did not change hard drives . they sell ps2/pic cards but have to be installed after boot , which i can not get to.. any help thanks or i have more dell parts..............LOST :confused:

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Unplug the hard drive and see if you get a different error message.

Dell/Dimension/E521 ,sorry i didn't mention that . i get same front panel lights (1,2,3 ) no beeps . thanks RiK.

Remove your ram and make sure the edge connectors are clean then remove the CPU and check for bent pins.

did that tried putting ram in 1,3 slots also. no bent pins.thanks.

So, any change?

no change can do nothing to get in system, tried system dick in drive when switching on , also xp dick no responce at all .green ligths 1,2,3..........then keyboard error.

If you changed motherboards but used the same CPU & RAM as before, isn't it likely that there's a problem here? Most likely the CPU which glitched when you powered off ungracefully.

Or have I read you wrong? New components throughout should have worked.

Must admit that I also suspect the CPU too.

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