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For some days now, I've decided to buy a new video card. So I've start looking on the internet for a good and not that expensive video card. After a few clicks and some advices from my friends, I've stopped on the ATI's 57xx series. At first I thought the 5750 will do the trick, and be the card that I needed; but then.. :) I've said to myself why not the 5770. I saw many good comments for it, and I've started comparing prices from different stores. I've found a the version from MSI at @100 euros, but i wasn't able to buy it, because they didn't had it in stock anymore, and i think, once they will receive it, they might raise the price.. (maybe it's just a marketing price, so they get some attention). The next cheapest 5770 was from HIS. Since now, I've never heard of this brand. The price for it it's around 145 euros. And the same card from Gigabyte is somewhere 160euros (but it looks better then the other ones)

So, my question would be.. how important is the brand? If i get the one from HIS, will i have trouble with it? Will i have to keep it in service half of the time? Is there a difference in performance? Why is so big the difference in price from brand to brand?

And if you know some sites that are selling video cards at reasonable prices in Europe, please send me a private message with them.

Looking foreword to your answers,


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That big a jump in price has specific reasons for it other than a brand label. More RAM, increased performance, capacity, etc. The store with the lower price that is NIS on the item MAY be being honest or, they anticipate a different ver. of the same thing and you can bet it'll be more pricy. To wait or buy now is basically your call. Brand names are usually only 5% of the retail unless you're buying sneakers. The competition is too great.


If it were me I would concentrate more on the specs of the card I was getting. Then if the brand was unfamiliar I'd check comments/reviews.

To be honest though I would probably spend a bit extra for a reputable brand if it were of the same spec of a lesser brand. Check the warranty some manufacturers offer a warranty longer than 12 months.

Eh, thank you guys for the replies, but i had already bought a video card, from His, a radeon 5770, and unfortunately i have some problems, meaning the temperature of the card is over the normal values.. I get 50-88 instead of 40-60.. so I've just deliver it to the service.. hopefully they will repair it, or replace it..

And my question was for the same type of card and the same specification, only a difference in brand. I found out on the hard way.. the coolers are not that good on the "not so known"brands :)

Thanks, and take care

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