hello everyone, this is my first post, and having searched the forums have not found the answer, hence a new thread...

I am looking to update my VGA from a ATi Radeon X9250 (AGP) to a X1800XT (PCI-E) problem is, this means a new motherboard, which i dont mind, but a new motherboard would not be compatable with my 478 socket intel P4, nor my memory, thus i would need a VERY expensive complete overhaul...

So out there somewhere, does there exist a 478 pin motherboard with PCI-E?? i have googled, googled mor, looked on ebay amazon and kelkoo, but to no avail, so i have decided to ask the experts!!

Wot do u think???

Please, please, please reply!!!

DeViAnT\gAmEr uses:

Win XP Pro
Intel P4
ATi Radeon X9250

Ewido Anti-Spyware for maintenance

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First of all, thank you very much for replying, your help is greatly appreciated.

$130 works out to about £100, which was the top end of the budget, so the price is ok, but the reviews posted there seem very negaive, would i be able to transfer my hardware over, (inc. P4) and not lose any performance? Would this be competant for gaming?

also, would my soon to be new VGA (Radeon x1800xt 512) be able to run DirectX10 at full capability? as i am worried about spending £200+ on a card that ill need to update with vista.

Thanx agen!


The motherboard would work with the hardware and the graphics card should be able to run directx 10. It has about double the amount of power needed for premium vista versions to run smoothly.


thank you for the confirmation, i had the guy in my local pc store giving me some cock and bull story, i askd him some questions i already nu the answer to, and he gave me very expensive answers!! lol.

thanks once again.

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