I have a Gateway M675 PRR laptop. It boots but i am experiencing a fan error.
It has three fans but I notice that only the two smaller fans are running, the main one does not run at all.I am wondering if the problem is in the motherboard as I have tried the fan in another computer and it works.I would also be happy if someone could tell me where I may be able to get a used mother board and a Screen as well.Any advice will be appreciated.

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I don't know much about gateway's but if you enter the BIOS does it not show the fan's status (like fan speed temp etc..). Some motherboards adjust fan speed to maintain a certain temperature, one of my computers turned the fan off if it wasn't to hot.

You maybe able to set the fan speed in the BIOS.

Let us know how it goes.

It really does not start up.Before I try to enter the bios settings it tells me that the fan should be checked, so i have to shut down without being able to go any further.Thx for your reply anyways.

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