hey guyz im setting up a new rig just something normal gona play wow mostly, tell me what u guyz think or if i should change anything

Intel E8400
4GB Kingston hyperX 6400 < btw can i go higher with this mobo , like pc-8500 ?
western digital 160gb x2 - raid 0
antec mini p180
antec neo 550 watt
creative xfi-gamer with xram
xfx geforce 8800 gt 512 mb < single slot version
normal optical drive -dvd etc
2 thermale take high performance 120mm fans for intake and the case already come with 2 for out take
cpu cooler- cooler master vortex 752 <-- i know there are better but i chose this coz its lighter around 320grams

so tell me wat you think, or what i should change - im looking for stablity, reliable and a bit of performance.

thanks in advance

Hmm... interesting...

Personally I've never considered going micro-ATX, but that case looks nice, and the motherboard looks very good too. I think that would be an excellent system for your needs. (an Antec with an e-sata socket! at last!)

Things to think about:
Do you really need xfi?
You'll have to use Vista to take advantage of that 4GB

yea the main reason im going with x ram is so that it relieves a bit of load from the cpu and also the internal audio is not good -so x ram seems to my answer, as for the 4 gigs im not goig with vista `but will go with a xp 64 bit so that it reads it, thanks

Oh yeah, I never think of XP 64 :)

As I say, that's a nice looking case and mobo; xfx graphics cards get a good rap too.

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