Ok, so the usual problem : when I try to boot up laptop it just runs the fan and blinks the HDD light a couple of times while the screen remains w/o output. If I put a CD/DVD into the drive it spins it around otherwise doing nothing. I tried moving/removing the RAM chips in all of the possible combinations with no change (could be they are both dead, or maybe the MB is fried?).

The problem started when the comp was on and then suddenly for no apparent reason flashed a blue screen with some messed up pixel lines (improperly displayed bsod, i imagine) and shut off. It did have a problem of sometimes not waking up from sleep mode or crashing in sleep mode before.

The laptop is an everex xt5000t with standard hardware except for extra 1gb ram chip and external WLAN card (internal one fried), running XP (and ubuntu 64 on dual boot although I never used it because of constant glitching).

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Ok. just tested RAM in a different machine and both chips work.


work,yes maybe but did they perform !
download and burn iso image making a bootable disk of memtest86 and and run the test for a few hrs . get the first one in the list . Nero will burn iso's but if you need iso burning tool get free one [ http://www.freeisoburner.com/ ]

Yes if you still have your ubuntu installation CD I believe this has a memory test on it before loading ubuntu up.

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