I guess I have a few questions. I've built a few computers before but the one I am working on now has me scratching my head. So hopefully someone knowledgeable can help me. First off, for the life of me I cannot figure out what bios manufacturer (phoenix, AMI, etc) the ASUS mobo M2N68-AM+ has on it. I need a list of beep codes to troubleshoot the computer. When I start the computer, the ASUS splash screen initializes, but then stops. I can't even get into bios. the motherboard beeps two short beeps. Which I've found out is most likely a peripheral problem (which is not the case, all peripherals are working properly) or a memory parity error.

Here's my problem, if it IS memory, I can't figure out what is causing it. the RAM is completely compatible with motherboard specs, the amount of memory is good, DDR2 just like the motherboard, 1066mhz.. everything checks out! I've re-seated, taken out one module, switched modules, everything shy of buying a whole new set memory. So in a last attempt to save what I have, I'm open to anyone who has a suggestion.

I guess I should add that There is no os installed on the hard drive. No boot.

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Alright, are you using matching sticks? It would be a good idea to, as memory parity errors are usually mismatched RAM.

yes, identical sticks. G.Skill 2GBx2 Cas Latency5 1066MHz

the motherboard has dual channeling, I know this because I was able to open bios once.

but now I can't even get into bios. Which is why i think i need the beep codes for my particular bios.