I need some help with a computer my friend let me have. They had lightning strike and the only thing they noticed was the power buttons led wasnt working, but after a while the whole thing went dead. They took it to a company that charged them $80 to tell them that everything was dead, but i found out that the video card, hard drive, and cd drives worked, and i think that the processor is still good, from a post in a forum where the guy said that you can tell if its fried because the capacitors will be blown out on the top where the x is, and there all perfect. The PSU was blown and i bought a new one from newegg, but the power strip for it is 4 pegs to long, but it fit in anyways (could this become a problem?) When i fliped the PSU on, the HDD led went on constantly and the CPU fan started spinning for 15 seconds, then it smelled like burnt comp. chips, and after everything went off, smoke came out of the motherboard by the RAM. :eek:
the specs are as follows:
eMachines T2080, 2000+ Athlon XP, 512 MB DDR RAM, 80 gig hd, ati radeon 9000 series grafix card, and a 16x DVD drive.

tl;dr- I need to reserect a burnt comp for my MAME cabinet, how can I tell if JUST the motherboard is fried, or if its a bigger problem?And also if this motherboard will work with my situation- Motherboard Link
Thank You In Advance!!!!

well sounds like you just need a new mobo and ram if everything else works and probably a compatible psu cuz i think that is a problem with it not fitting exactly in.

Sounds like they sold you a power supply with a 24-pin connector like thw ones used on server motherboards. There is normally a 24-pin to 20-pin adapter included or available as an option to make the power supply work with a normal ATX board. I would suspect the connecting the power supply without the pin adapter killed your motherboard and RAM and possibley also damaged the new power supply. The board you liked to may work in your case but it is not the best board out there and will limit any future upgrade possibilities. If you purchase the board and then find your processor is also bad, then you are stuck with using an older Athlon processor. I would suggest a board that could at least support DDR 333 memory and the newer Sempron processors.