Hi everyone this is my first post for some much needed help.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Laptop with a big problem, the laptop will not power up via the power supply it will only power up from the battery. I have also noticed the metal prong which inserts into the laptop via the charger gets very very hot. The battery does not charge either !!!!!!


Help !!!!

looks like u need to get another power supply. cos if the system is turning up from the battery and not with the power supply then the fault point towards the port on the notebook and the port on the powersupply, now again u say that the ac adapter is getting abnormally hot , so i belive that its time to replace the power supply.or if u have any other power supply with ur friends or any one try using that and check out.:)

Probably unrelated but Dell is recalling 4 million laptop ac adapters...

Many times different manufacturers use the same components.

You might google it just to see if it looks the same as the recalled power supplies.