Help, I have a HP DV5000 which will not Boot. Here are the systoms:
1. Power Button Pushed and all light lite.
2. Screen shows nothing / output to outside monitor will not light monitor.
3. Hard Disk seek/access light clicks on and goes out (does not stop this)
The DVD Drive also does this.
4. With DVD (System restore disk) in DVD drive light lites then goes off.
5. Have removed the memory / done a hard start and tried again does the same.
6. Have removed the HD and gotten the data files off of it so it seems to be ok.
What do I need to do now?
If it is a MB how do I get into this Laptop?
Is there any place that I can get a schematic and Operating/repair manuals for this machine?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

You apparently have power going to the drives but no where else. If the batt. is still functional and that's a big if, power ISN'T going to the critical areas of the system board. Even if you had a schematic repairs are next to impossible outside of the factory. At this point it's probably best that you view it as a spare time project and fork over for another machine and move on.

I have already bought a new computer but do have some time now to try and would like to bring it back to life. Here are a few more things I've tried.
1. The hard start was done without the Battery. After holding down the Power on key for 15 sec. I pluged in the Powere supply but the symtons are still the same.
2. Found a page on HP that has the method to take it apart so I guess I'll work on it somemore.
3. I noticed that this system has a problem with the video chip so I'll try that when I get it opened up.
I still need a schematic for it and any still any help I can get would be great.