I hope my query does not voilate the forum rules.

I going to purchase a 23" monitor but cannot decide with one to buy. Dell ST2310 23 has 250 cd/m Brightness with 50000:1 contrast ratio. the other one, Dell SP2309W 23, has 300 cd/m Brightness with 80000:1 contrast ratio. I will mainly use for education purpose, sometimes play pes 2010 and maybe watch a film but that is very rare. My question is how much of the difference is there between 250 cd/m brigthness and 300 cd/m brightness for a 23" widescreen monitor. If there isn't much difference in brightness then then I can go for the ST2310.

Thanks for the advise.

Hi prixat,

thanks for reply. I decided to buy ST2310 the day after I started this thread. I orignally had problems with the samsung p2250, twice actually by replacement. The connector in the monitor, the cable power supply. So far no problems with the ST2310.