Hi. My laptop has a 160GB hard drive with three partitions and Windows Vista installed on the first one. What I wanted to do is to resize the third partition from 100 to 80GB, create a new partition from the unallocated space and than install Kubuntu 7.10 on it. However, when I tried to create the partition using Acronis Disk Director, I got an error message saying "Acronis Disk Director Suite failed to create the partition." I also tried booting with Kubuntu and than assigning the unallocated space to Kubuntu but the 20GB space was labeled as "Unusable". Can somebody please help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance.


It seems that all my partitions were set as primary and the hard drive (or the OS) can not support more than 4 primary partitions (3 + the EISA partition). I just converted 2 of them to logical partitions and now everything works great.