Hi, I got up this morning to find "American Megatrends" on my screen along with a message of a hard disk error. My computer won't reboot and when I turn it off and back on I get the same message. Is "AMI" a real company and how would it have gotten onto my computer? lol If any of this makes any sense to you please help? Thanks


Yes American Megatrends is a company that produces motherboards and this BIOS loading and is the screen you normally do not see when your computer is booting properly and set to quick boot.


Could be your hard drive has died or could be simply a boot track problem. Can you supply the exact message?

Hi, the message says "no boot device available". It runs through a diagnostics check and says everything is ok but when I click ok to reboot, it starts all over again! It's a Dell Inspiron and I just bought it in April.


i have recently had a similar problem. If you enter BIOS is the hard drive detected?

To enter BIOS you need to press a key once you turn the pc on (when that AMI message comes up) it should say something like press F2/del to enter BIOS. Press whichever key it says is for BIOS.

Have a look through the menus and see if the hard drive is listed. You may have to let us know what is listed if you can't find it your self.

- Let us know how it goes.

I agree with Xlphos about checking the BIOS to make sure the drive is recognised also would not hurt to open the system and make sure the wires are still connected.