I have an HP Pavilion dv4000 laptop that recently has been abruptly shutting off. Generally it will work just fine even if I have it on all day going between active and standby modes. However, I have found that doing certain tasks or running certain programs, particularly converting files (either within the hard drive or from a CD) with iTunes and running some internet based videos (but not all...Youtube has no problem, but it can't handle ComedyCentral.com) cause it to shut off often. I cannot recall a time when the computer has shut off doing a task other than one of these two things, though lately it has been having some other problems with programs freezing occasionally or error screens at shutdown, which may or may not be unrelated. Any thoughts?


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I have been having the same problem recently with the same computer (HP Pavilion dv4000). I uninstalled and reinstalled Windows XP but my friend said he thinks it might be the fan. I have the problem when I stream things from the Internet as well and when I talk on Skype.

I have a Pavilion ze2000 that have had a lot of trouble with this. I sent it to HP even though it was out of warranty because it got so bad it would no longer power back on. They had it for 6 months and it still powers down sometimes. I fell lucky it works at all now and would like to know what may be causing it but apparently even HP doesn't know.

Could be a heat issue. Sometimes an overheating laptop will shut itself off in order to prevent the cpu from... well, melting really.

check to see if the temps are too high using a temp tool, or you can reboot after a shutdown and check it in the bios hardware monitoring (usually).

Yes - as longscope says and take his advice in so far as you can. I'm not sure that the Pentium M 725 can be temperature checked by software - it'll likely need a thermal probe which is difficult on a laptop.

Easiest way is to feel the top - ist it warmer than you think it should be? Does the fan work and is it on much of the time? What feel does the air at the vent have? What happens when you blow cold air into the intake vent?

same prob. I fixed it... it was overheating.

turned it over, took off the small panel in the corner by the fan. (next to the vent)

A copper platelike thing was underneath. I took out the 4 screws holding it in.. This turned out to be a radiator. There was a huge clot of lint in it. vacuumed it out (when I tried this from the outside earlier, it was of no use... now I see why, the clot was on the inside surface)

Now it works perfectly. No shut downs.

good luck

Try swap the RAM in different slot or just use 1 RAM only if there is more than 1 RAM stick.

Check CPU fan for overheated issue.

Get to the HP web site and download the latest chipset driver, install the driver and reboot.

Hope this helps!

The Radman2020 solution worked perfectly for me !!! You just need to clean the cpu radiator side facing the fan... Thanx a lot !

Very many thanks to Radman2020!

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