my printer won't install properly, i don't know what i'm doing wrong? i have done everything it says to do on the installation wizard but is still unsuccessful.. please could you help me?

thanks :)

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>>please could you help me?

That's like asking "my car is broke -- can you fix it?" A mechanic will need to know a little more details about your car, such as make, model and year.

Try another USB port (if it is a USB printer)

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I have a problem with my Canon LBP-800. The problem is I can use it with Windows XP with my old PC that have Parallel Port on the board. But I want to use it with my laptop with Windows 7. So I bought a cable that convert "Parallel to USB". My laptop recognize that type of cable but I cannot install driver for that printer. How this happened? Any suggestions ?

If your installing via a CD, and it is not working, simply write in your printers model name, and download the drivers. :)

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