Hi all...last night I had 51 disk errors in the event viewer, I think it's time to get another hdd, my question is which one and how big? I have a Maxtor 40GB now and still have 80% free, so I'm guessing that I could get by with a 80GB hdd.

I realize this is almost as bad as asking what kind of car would you buy, opinions will fly, but I sure could use some unbiassed advice.

THanks, dcc

P.S. Tiger Direct has a Maxtor Diamond Max Plus9 80BG for $66.98, this includes shipping.

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Last month Frys had 120 gig Maxtors on sale and after the rebate they ended up costing $20...
Even though I didnt need one I picked up one and had a neighbor pic up one...

Either way get a backup ASAP...


Dnag!...ya really know how to hurt a guy when hes down! ;)


I got to looking around and found a Western Digital 80 GB WD800 BB deliverd for $45.00, any thoughts?


I saw just today an add in the Frys catalog for a 120 gig...
Only $20 after rebates...

I think that Frys online sales are done at Outpost.com
I have never used the online sales...

See, I do have a heart...
Though my wife insists it is BLACK, Evil...
and only continues to beat to keep her from collecting my life insurance...
(Just kidding, She is a sweetheart)

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