I would like to reinstall my computer but i cant back up files on a cd because my cd writer wont work and thats the problem im trying to get rid of (along with my very slow computer speed). :( im really annoyed :mad: does anyone have suggestions??? THANK U :cheesy:

You didn't specify which OS you are using, so I will assume that you are using Windows XP. Correct me if I am wrong.

What exactly is the problem with your burner?
Is Windows not allowing you to write the files to the CD?
Does Windows not recognize the drive as a burner?
Do you have burning software that stopped working?

If there is no way to get your burner to work, there are other options.

  • Follow the clean up and optimize guide that I have linked to in my sig.
  • If you absolutely must reinstall Windows for some reason, install the operating system on top of itself. Follow Microsoft's in-place upgrade guide to do this.
  • Repartition your drive to create two partitions (I'll call them C: and D:). This will allow you to copy all the files you wish to keep to the D: partition. After you have backed up your information, you can format the C: partition and reinstall Windows on it. You will need partitioning software to do this, but the easy to use ones cost at least $50. I can recommend some if you'd like.
  • You can backup your data to some location online. The easiest way to do this is to ZIP or RAR all the files you want and email them to an account that you have that has a lot of storage (GMail, Yahoo, and some others offer a GB or more of storage for free). You can also use an online file storage service. Box.net, FileFactory, FlipDrive, FreeDrive, IBackup, Strongspace, Xdrive, and Yahoo! Briefcase are just some of the sites that offer free or inexpensive online storage solutions.

Let me know if any of these options will work for you. If they won't, I can provide other options as well.

Thanks for your reply but don't worry. I've got a new burner:)

Repartitioning a drive deletes everything on it.

Repartitioning a drive deletes everything on it.

That isn't true. Most partitioning software can resize existing partitions without damaging existing data.

Hey i REAALY need sum help..
my Cd rom drive and DVD rom drive are combined with a Cd and DVD burner..
and lately my both drives are not reading DVD's or Cd's and cannot burn or backup anythung. When i try to insert a cd to burn it says "insert empty cd" please i need help