case with my computer g845 display is that
1) when monitor disconnected shows no signal means monitor is ok.

2)keyboard and mouse work with other pc also power light and hd lights are working

3)I also tried to clear the bios by removing the button cell on mb and again putting after 1 min.

4)supply also working ok as fan of smps and processor working ok.

I think some problem with motherboard but no beeps are coming so its hard to locate the exact problem.

can anybody give the right suggestion to solve the problem ?

In the very different cases when the monitor and the keyboard both are not working what are the steps should be taken to resolve this minute problem. As in the work load.

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Your graphics card may be overheating. If your graphics card has a fan (most do) check and make sure it works when the PC is turned on. If it doesn't work, your graphics card is bad. Try pulling the graphics card and use on board video if you have it.