I have an HP Pavilion dv9000 notebook and it is about 2 years old. About a week ago, it started having problems booting up. I would close the lid and it would go into standby mode, but when i would open it up again, the screen would stay black. the power button, as well as the quick launch/dvd lights across the top of the keyboard would light up, and the power cord plug would light up, but nothing would come onto the screen. I manually forced it to shut down, but when i went to restart it, it would do the same thing. the fans would go, everything would light up, but the screen would remain blank. After several attempts to restart, it would turn on and boot up in safe mode, so i backed up all of my important documents onto an external hard drive. I then reformatted my hard drive(destructive system restore), but after a day or so, it began to act up again. Just yesterday, it began to give me the blue screen of death when it would shut down. It still only boots up about one time out of every five attempts. If anyone has any idea what might be causing this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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HP offers a diagnostics/tools menu (F2 or F10). At least, my HP Pavilion does. It allows you to run a Memory Test and a Hard Drive Test.

I would recommend running both and reporting back with the results.

Do I do that during bootup?

Yes, turn on the laptop and press F2 or F10.

I did that... I only was able to do a diagnostic on the hard disk, but I ran both the quick and comprehensive and it passed both of them. It didn't have an option to do a diagnostic for the memory.

Do you have chance to see the error message?

In Safe mode have you ever got the 'Blue Screen of death'?

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