Does anyone know what is the best LCD monitor to buy.

the BenQ TFT 17ICH 12ms screen is the best i've had one for 3 months and its great.

It depends what your gonna use it for...

if your gonna game you want a decent refresh rate (16ms>refresh rate) these normally cost more, plus you wanna have a look at a few more things:

Brightness Ratio (450:1< i'd say)
Screen size (all are exactly what they say they are 15in, 17in etc.)
Resolution (because LCD's cant be changed like CRT monitors (1280 x 1024 is optimum))

Put all these factor together and you should always find a good monitor check the price along with similar makes and manufacters and your on your way...

I recomend the: Acer AL1715MS 17ins TFT (so cheap and worth it!)

Hi Vanessa

There's and old saying 'that the best (product) you buy is the best one you can afford"

It's abit like buying a new PC and not knowing what's the best. It all comes down to "what you are using it for?" I'm hoping to get a Hanns.g 19" since the price in NZ is pretty good. Viewsonic are also highly rated... It just depend's on "What you want to do with It :)"

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