Hey, yesterday, i was gonna play a game, and it worked for the first few seconds after entering the game. After that, the screen kinda ... Ehh, hard to explain, it got some lighter spots all over the screen, it completely froze the computer. I had to restart it, i did, but when it reebooted it looked something like this:

¿ ╬ ¿.

pretty much down the first site, the next site was looking abit more readable though, not by much.


Something like that.

Lately i have been getting a blackout of the screen, then
5 seconds after, it would come back, saying "The video card stopped working, but is now working"

Any help? oh, might be abit of both, i'm using AVG free antivirus, which i discovered is really bad, and i couldn't start it, even in safe mod.

Don't have any pictures to post, since the only ones i was able to take, is on a cellphone, which is really bad quality ... But ye, theres stripes all over the screen.

||||||||||||| ||||||||||||| |||||||||||||
||||||||||||| ||||||||||||| |||||||||||||
||||||||||||| ||||||||||||| |||||||||||||

Abit like this, not that sloppy though. Recently, i was searching for some upgrades to my video card, just using the device manager. Two days after i installed the update, this happens. Is that a possibillity aswell?

Sorry for all of my questions, but i really am new to computer, since it's always been my dads friend, or my own friend, helping me when i had problems.

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Whenever i try to start the computer, it says: Windows Error recovery.

then some solutions, of which i can't do just one of them, cause my dad is an idiot who refuses to pay for real programs, meaning the windows i'm having is a crack, i haven't got the CD for it.

1. insert your windows installation CD
2. Choose your language
3. Sorry for my bad memory, can't remember. :p

It doesn't sound like a virus. Try updating with the current driver for your graphics card. Check the website of the graphics card, or google your graphics card and you should get their website.

I would also open your computer, and check the fan on the graphics card if it has one. If the fan doesn't work on the graphics card, you'll need a new one. If the above doesn't fix your problem, you will probably need a new one also.

If the problem is with your graphics card, the longer you try to run with it, the greater the chances are that you will ruin the motherboard.

I found it WAS the graphic card, but i'll have to wait untill i can get a new one, it's better though, so the wait time is worth it. Anyways, my computer is completely shut down, so i won't start it. Just boring, cause i'm addicted to my games on it xD anywyas, thanks for the help.

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