I'm looking for information on upgrading my current video card. I'm not really a computer person, so will try my best at explaining what I currently have. My system is a Dell Dimension E521. I'm running Windows Vista 32 bit and the system is an AMD Anthlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ 1.90 ghz with 3 gb of ram. I honestly don't know what video card I have. Device manager tells me that I have a Radeon X300/X550 series, but doesn't get much more specific than that. The computer power supply is 305W.

I do not use the computer for gaming, just e-mail, surfing and watching online and dvd movies. The reason I'm even thinking about upgrading the video card is that when I watch movies in full screen, the video has a few intermittent horizontal lines that shoot back and forth about a quarter way down the screen and where those lines are, the video looks choppy and out of sync. If I watch the movie in any size window, it looks perfectly fine. The problem only occurs in full screen.

When I bought the system (in 07) it only had 1 gb of RAM and a geforce 6150 video card. It started to act up when I upgraded to a 20" monitor, so unsure if it was the monitor or Vista or something else, I asked a friend of a friend look at it. He told me the lack of RAM could be causing problems with the monitor and also something meaning the 6150 card didn't have it's own memory, so was using the system RAM. He then put in a different (used) video card he had (the one in the system now) and said that it would be better than the geforce card as it has it's own onboard memory. Since then I get the choppy video lines. After adding the extra RAM, the lines are still there. I've swapped monitors and the choppy lines are there. I no longer have the 6150 card, so can't verify 100% if swapping the card would fix the problem.

Hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction of going either going ahead and swapping out the video card or maybe try something else. If I do swap the video card, I don't want to have to swap power supplies, so it needs to be able to run with the system I am currently running.

Would this card work in my system?


Unfortunately Jeff, the card you posted will NOT work in your pc. Your powersupply wouldnt be able to handle the load.

In order to better diagnose the video problem, could you tell us what you are using to play the videos and what your using to render, ie. graphics acceleration, openGL. Does the problem happen on all videos, hd videos only, flash videos?


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