for security ans support alone you should update to sp3 , don't need to keep wmp 11 after the update ,you can remove it and reinstall wmp 9 or 10 .you should be able to go to add and remove programs ,and in the left pane go to add windows components and uninstall it from there i think ,if it not in add and remove programs .im using win7 for over a year now and cant remember all the winxp features for sure !

So I guess now my only option is to upgrade to SP3 and run the utility that caperjack suggested to see if it will repair itself!! I can't do the registry edit as suggested by one poster because I can't uninstall the drives in device manager because they are not showing up there. The last option of course would be a clean install of XP.

sp3 is not the poison it was when it first came out ,it should cause no problems on you computer now !

For safety aid alone, you must update SP3, do not need to keep WMP 11 after the update, you can remove and reinstall WMP 9 or 10 you should be able to go to add and remove programs, and in the left pane go to add and remove Windows components.

sp3 is not the poison it was when it first came out ,it should cause no problems on you computer now !

I just looked at the box for my original XP installation disc and it XP-1 dated 2001. I've updated only to SP2. I understand that Microsoft doesn't support SP2 now, only SP3. If I decide to do a clean install I hope I can get a SP3 update online lol!!

If your drive reads cd's, but not dvd's That indicates that the hardware works fine. You will need to edit the registry inorder to fix this problem.

I finally did the registry edit you mentioned and deleted the lower filter as it was the only one showing, re-booted, but my DVD drives are still not working. Both drives show during post and the LED's flash several times during boot, so they are being recognized, but they don't show up in device manager or in my computer???? Very strange!!

al li can say is install sp3 and run the fix .

I was about upgrade to SP3 and decided to do a backup to my external hard drive first, it's plugged into the eSata, and guess what? It won't recognize the eSata either. Fortunately it also has USB2 which works. So not only does my DVD drives not work, the eSata dosen't work either.

have you tried just booting with one of the dvds' hooked up

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