Hey everyone :)

I recently purchased a Core2Quad Q9505. I had done a lot of research on whether it would be compatible with my current motherboard, I even phoned Acer, and everyone said that it would work. But, it doesn't!

So I need to get a new motherboard, and I'm battling to find one that meets all of my needs. I have DDR2 RAM (Transcend aXeram) that runs at 1066MHz and my processor has an FSB of 1333MHz. I tried to buy the Asus P5QPL-AM motherboard, but my power cables were too short. So the motherboard also needs to have the power socket as far right as possible so that my cables will reach. For examples, the positioning of the power socket on the BIOSTAR G41-D3 looks like it would work with my board.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I would advise you to do what Rik from RCE says, a new mobo these days is much more expensive than a new PSU. And, if it's modular, you can always just get longer cables.

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